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Commercial Finance

The commercial finance sector provides an endless range of opportunities for you and your business. Whether you wish to secure the perfect property for your business or develop to new heights, at Hilton Finance we will support you at every step of your business journey. 

As a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), we pride ourselves in delivering stellar advice and adhering to the highest market standards. As well as this, we help our clients navigate through the complex world of commercial lending and with our expert connections in the industry, we can help you tap into an ocean of opportunity and growth.

What is commercial finance?

Commercial finance is a broad category of finance, covering any of the following:

  1. Owner-occupied commercial property- this refers to buyers looking to purchase new business premises or to refinance their existing one. This type of commercial finance can include a wide range of property types, such as offices, factory units or any other premises that your business will use. 

  2. Commercial property investors- this includes investors looking to invest in commercial property in exchange for rental income and capital gain. 

  3. Investors seeking residential investment loans to invest in more complex residential property, such as HMOs, apartment blocks and student lets. 


Properties covered under commercial finance

Properties eligible for commercial finance include but are not limited to:

  1. Apartment blocks.

  2. Flats above commercial premises.

  3. Warehouses and retail units.

  4. Single offices and office blocks.

  5. Petrol stations.

  6. Restaurants and hotels.

  7. Care homes


Who provides commercial finance?

Commercial finance is provided by all kinds of lenders, from high street to specialist lenders. And given the specialised nature of commercial finance, many lenders are often available only through commercial finance brokers. Yet, the commercial finance industry is diverse and each lender has its unique criteria. For this reason, it can become difficult for business owners to ascertain the most appropriate finance solution for them. 

However, at Hilton Finance, we do all the leg work, allowing you to focus on your business whilst we strive to secure the best deals for your commercial needs. With our expertise and contacts in the industry, we can get you the best sources of finance. 


Our promise to you

At Hilton Finance, we work for you, and not the lender. Meaning, we are not tied to a single lender and will simply take you to a provider who will offer the highest introducer fees to us; rather, we are committed to working with an extensive range of high street and specialist lenders to find the most suitable match for you. 

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